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To help you get the most out of your legal team and resource we design and implement legal technology roadmaps and outline processes that will meet your objectives.

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Our advisers act on domestic and international matters of all shapes and sizes, working with many of the leading names in the market. Browse our experience below, or use the filters to look-up recent work in particular geographies and industry sectors.

    We can help assess current processes, identify overlapping or duplicated activities and bring clarity to stakeholder responsibilities. Our consultants can work with you to identify specific needs, uncover concerns and highlight priorities which will help inform your technology road-map and implementation plans.

    Our three guiding principles

    Instilling Quality

    We push for high standards, from ourselves, and your other delivery partners.

    Ensuring Relevance

    We help you define the problem and identify appropriate solutions to solve that problem.

    Designing Simplicity

    We seek to avoid over complicating solutions to give you the best chance for successful adoption by end users.

    Our three stage approach

    During this phase, we will work with you to identify key requirements and document the scope. This may involve workshops, gap analysis and stakeholder engagement, with the "Voice of the Customer" central to what we do.

    We lead workshops to capture detailed design requirements, design optimised processes and agree critical functionality. We then determine the best approach to implementation, whether that be technology or other effective countermeasures.

    This phase is all about implementation, ensuring that technical and governance aspects are in place, supporting deployment and agreeing a programme of continuous service improvement.


    Lean Six Sigma

    Lean Six Sigma

    Combining the principles of Lean and Six Sigma as an integrated solution, we can deliver greater efficiencies for your people, processes and strategies.

    What is Lean Six Sigma?

    • Lean Six Sigma is the combination of two approaches, Lean and Six Sigma.
    • Lean aims to eliminate activities that don’t add value to a process, or steps that the customer is not willing to pay for.
    • Six Sigma, comparatively, is a data-driven methodology to remove variation or defects.
    • Combining both disciplines, as an integrated practice, increases the potential of tackling the problem at hand.


    Life Sciences Client

    Pinsent Masons solutions-based approach to tech delivery is refreshing. The team worked hard to understand the progress we had made, scope our further requirements and collaborated with us throughout to ensure they provided a solution that was right for us. They quickly understood our business model and helped tailor the technology to our specific legal and business needs.

    What support can we provide?

    • Technology audit, assessment and road-map planning
    • Requirements workshops
    • Contract lifecycle management
    • Vendor assessment and procurement
    • Document automation
    • Distressed project support
    • Legal engineering support
    • Lean Six Sigma transformation

    • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training

    How it works

    Whether you have a small discrete technology project or are embarking on a transformation programme in support of your legal operations we can assist you. The starting point is often not the technology solution but the underlying processes where technology could be applied. Our Lean Six Sigma expertise ensures that optimum processes and solutions are designed from the outset. Applying technology is best done with a strategic focus and a clear understanding of what you expect to achieve. We can help you develop a technology roadmap with consideration for planning, governance, scoping and prioritisation setting out what it means for you.

    What benefits are there for clients?

    • Increase your technology maturity
    • Develop a credible technology road-map
    • Identify appropriate solutions

    • Get quicker wins
    • Improved business engagement
    • Avoid unnecessary expenditure

    Our workshops

    Our technology workshops provide the basis for our work with clients They give us the chance to speak directly to your in-house legal teams and identify areas of improvement as well as begin to develop a strategy to deal with these areas.

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    Layout of the workshops


    Workshop Logo 1

    Overview and Trends

    • We will introduce you to the various types of legal technologies and bring clarity to a confusing marketplace.
    • By understanding trends you will be better placed to make informed decisions around your use of legal technology.
     Workshop Logo 2  

    Strategy and Vision

    • You will understand the elements needed to turn your vision into a legal technology strategy and roadmap.
    • By exploring the power of data insights, you will understand the benefits of a data led strategy.
    • We will assess your legal technology maturity to measure where you are now and where you want to be.
     Workshop Logo 3  

    Hallmarks of Successful Legal Technology Projects

    • Learn how to ensure each stage of a project is successful from process optimisation to technology selection and implementation.
    • We will share tips, strategies and insights for dealing with vendors, enabling successful deployment and enacting change.
     Workshop Logo 4  

    Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

    • Introduction to the principles of CLM, look at the main providers and explore some example implementations.
    • Explore why CLM can be difficult to implement and learn how to plan for a successful project.
    • Using our Vario assessment tool, we will assess your contract maturity and provide you with a customised report on how to achieve better contracting.

    CLM Maturity Assessment

    CLM Maturity Assessment

    Measure your maturity in contract lifecycle management

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    Vario Community

    Vario Community

    Find out more about our Vario community or begin your journey to a freelance legal career with opportunities at all levels from NQ+ to General Counsel and Partner level.

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