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Human Cyber Index

Be relevant, build trust and focus efforts on security enablement

The Human Cyber Index is a measure of your organisation's security culture and its relationship to the productivity of your employees. This allows you to hone your efforts in creating a responsive security culture underpinned by policies and processes that your people find easy to use.

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Why do I need to worry about my security culture?

As highlighted by numerous independent and authoritative sources, ensuring your people are equipped with the right knowledge to behave appropriately when faced with cyber security risks should be a paramount priority.

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What is this Index?

The Human Cyber Index is an academically supported measurement of how much your teams engage with information security, how they are likely to behave and the impact of your policies and procedures on their productivity.

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So what, I can measure security culture in other ways?

Over the past four years Pinsent Masons has developed this unique approach in conjunction with behavioural scientists to help augment our own security strategy and reduce risk.

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Science Museum Group

Encouraging the right security behaviours is paramount to a successful security strategy. The Human Cyber Index has enabled us to take the next steps to evolve our security programme and ensure we put our people first.
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To ensure your teams are in the strongest possible position to deal with cyber threats, you need targeted training, awareness and behavioural change programmes in place. The Human Cyber Index gives you the visibility to understand your people from a security perspective and whether they are being presented with sufficient information to make the right decisions. It will also highlight where in some cases, the improvements need to be process driven or technical.

Our Human Cyber Index product experts


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